Saturday, August 25, 2012

The First Eggs

We were so excited to find three eggs this weekend! We were about to give the house the old heave ho when we spotted one. It was laying right on the ground in a little hole the hens had dug! Next thing we knew we had found two more!! We were relieved to have spotted them before moving the house, our first eggs could have been scrambled!

Thanks girls! No egg boxes or anything!! Now to get those boxes done and attached to the back.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jackson Farmers Market Photo's

 This was our second week at the Jackson Farmers Market. We were blessed with a beautiful day! Great for taking pictures too! Here are a few of our set up.

Our sign. Small but to the point.

Besides the veggies, honey and maple syrup, we also have bags made by Liz and muffins made by Sarah! Yum!!

Some of our yummy veggies.
A close-up of Lizzie-Tish Designs Bags.
Lot's of HUGE zucchini this week!
Thanks to Pat for fixing our shelf so that we had a nice display for our honey and maple syrup! 
 Please come and visit us on Saturdays from 9 to 1 at the Jackson Farmers Market! It is located next to the Snowflake Inn. We are also planning on trying out the new Ctr. Conway Farmers Market on Fridays from 12 to 5pm at the Country Hearth and Home Store located between the Post Office and the Rec.Center. 
Our stand is also open each day on Tasker Hill if you miss us at the Markets. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moving the Milk House

Earlier this spring we moved the "Milk House" from the farmhouse side of the road to the greenhouse side. We plan on using it for an addition to our farm stand for a while until a larger more permanent stand can be built. 

"What is a milk house?" you ask, our family used this little shed to store the milk and milking equipment. There was a large cooler set up inside where the milk cans would be stored until delivery. These were very heavy milk cans that had to be hoisted into the cooler via a pulley system inside the little house. The electric pump milking system and the cream separator was also housed here. There are still special stainless racks on the walls inside where each piece was placed for safe storage. 

A friend with a forklift came early on a Saturday morning to help us with the move. Here we are below slowly lowering the house into place.

In serious need of a scrub down and new paint but in it's new resting place for now.

Fast forward several months and we are ready once again to move the milk house. This time across the driveway to a platform we will use as a floor for now. Originally a concrete slab served as the floor.
No forklift necessary this time! We use the tractor and some old fashion know how!

Our little farm stand awaits! Now to finish the paint and we are ready to move in!