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Spring Veggies Coming Soon!
Early to Mid June: 
Rhubarb, Radish, Spring Turnip, Lettuce/Greens, Garlic Scapes

Pastured Eggs
Our hens are fed certified organic grains, scraps from our gardens, and have access to organically grown pasture 24 hours a day (except in the winter months). We love our hens and they get the best of care!  The eggs are located in a cooler at the farm stand or in town at Levitts Bakery and Paris Farmers Union.

We also have cases of eggs available at wholesale pricing. Please contact us if you are interested. Our eggs are used in the bakery items offered at The Old Village Bakery in North Conway. Check out this comment from the owner...

“Grand View Farm eggs are simply the best! The rich color and excellent flavor take our baking to another level.”
 -Mark Ross Parent Old Village Bakery North Conway, NH

Contact us at 603-662-5421
or email us at

Our Honey is now on Sale!

In our stand:
1/2 pints $4.50
Bears $5.00
1lb. Jars $7.00
Pint Mason Jars $10.00

Quart Mason Jar $16.00

Can bottle for you/bulk pricing...
1/2 Gallon Mason Jar $30.00
1 Gallon Plastic Jug $50.50
2 Gallon Pail $98.00
5 Gallon Pail $228.00

Contact David 603-520-0349 
Email us at
Or visit our farm stand!

Maple Syrup:
We are selling our syrup in beautiful state of NH glass jugs. Below are the prices.
Quarts $24.00
Pints $14.00
Half Pints $9.00
Mini Jugs $6.00
Contact Us at 603-662-5421
Email us at
Or visit our farm stand!