Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pastured Eggs For Sale

We finally have eggs for sale! Our beautiful Rhode Island Red Hens are laying up a storm and we are now ready to sell some at our farm stand. To the left is our new egg box label that you will see on our boxes when stopping by.  
Here are the girls happy to see us as we head to the coop to pick up eggs.

 The back of the chicken tractor/coop is where we added on the egg boxes. You access them by opening these double doors on the back.

WOW! An amazing 34 eggs today! The most laid so far!!!

As you can see above we have ten boxes shared by 46 hens. They seem to have gotten the hang of it now. Occasionally we will find an eggs laid on the ground inside, we are guessing this is from a hen who has just started laying and has not found the boxes yet.

 Our little helpers today were so excited to count all those eggs!

 If you've never heard the term "pastured eggs" and are wondering why we use it you should know a few facts about them:

Fact #1 - Pastured hens are raised on pasture! Unlike factory hens who are kept in confinement and fed primarily grains.

Fact #2 - Pastured eggs contain up to 20 times more healthy omega-3 fatty acids than the factory produced eggs. Omega-3's are healthy fats that are anti-inflammatory and good for your heart.

Fact #3 - Pastured hens eat lots of bugs, earthworms, and other such critters that makes their eggs better tasting and more nutritious.

Fact #4 - Pasturing hens is far more humane. The hens have lots of space to move and run and explore unlike the factory hens who have no fresh air to breath or space to move.

Fact #5 - Pastured eggs also have higher vitamin's A and E and 10 percent less fat and 34 percent less cholesterol than eggs obtained from factory farms.

Stop by to try some of our eggs today! Our eggs are fresh, clean, and delicious!!!

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